Applied Controls and Power



In the existing trend of deregulated power, the Pakistan is confronted with numerous challenges pertaining to the incorporation of diverse energy sources such as coal, gas, nuclear and renewables, in particular, solar and wind into large integrated electrical networks. In order to design efficient systems, control strategies must be implemented that allow the suppliers and customers as many choices as possible. Beside this, it is of great consequence to minimize the risk of supply degradation and damage to the environment. Various research problems that emerge in this prospect are of a systems nature and best addressed by research teams combining systems, robust control and electrical power systems expertise.


Control is envisaged to be an enabling technology for the exploitation of renewable energy and non-linear systems. Therefore, advance control techniques such as intelligent control, optimal control, adaptive control etc turn out to be the most important aspect for the high-performance and reliable systems. With the growth of computer and sensor technology, sophisticated and computationally intensive control techniques are easily achievable. Coupled with these advances, various domains of industry have come under huge pressure to enrich the functionality and efficiency of their products. Under these circumstances, advanced control is emerged as a rapid evolving field in the research and development area.

The group is aimed to do research in the area of advance control application in non-linear systems with a special focus on renewable energy area. Areas of applied control research include model development, design and control of autonomous underwater vehicles, aeronautical control, process control and control system optimization. On the power side, the group is extensively involved in research into renewable energy exploitation; modelling solar devices, maximizing energy utilization, integrated design of power converters and controllers and grid integration of power generators


Fig. 1 maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller for PV system

Who Should Join?

Students who aspire to pursue their PhD degrees in the area of control and power, especially in the areas of Intelligent Control, Adaptive and Self-Tuning Control, Robust Control, Modeling and Control of PV system.
Master students of engineering and computer sciences interested in working on the above area for their thesis.
Faculty members interested in pursuing their research in the applied control and power fields